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Be a Freelance SEO Consultant

Date March 28, 2008

photo credit: transCam
Ah, the mystery of search engine optimization. If it weren’t for the popularity of the big search engines, we might not know—or care to know—how important search traffic is for the survival of a Website.
Search engine optimization isn’t any one skill. It’s the package of many skills Webmasters use to best position Web pages higher in search results. Higher […]

3 Cool Freelance Business Ideas

Date February 18, 2008

I love researching freelance businesses. In fact, that’s really my intent for this blog—to help others find inspiring ideas so they can make the leap from employee to freelancer. When I’m snooping around for ideas, I use three criteria to determine if something warrants the freelance seal of approval.
I define a freelancer as anyone who […]